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From Katherine Don
DateThu, 07 Sep 2006 10:10:31 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] question in classifiers
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If I understood your query correctly? They are as follows:

1. You want a date classifier (browsing classifier) to be configured. You
want the collection to be sorted based on date.
2. You want the ex.Date to be suppressed.

Please note for datewise listing, your DC dates should be in YYYYMMDD
format - i.e., say for 06 September 2006, it is 20060906 and so on.

Date Browsing Classifier:

1. In the Browsing Classifier, select "DateList" as the preferred
classifier and then click ADD Classifier. In the popup screen, select
dc.Date, and then enable 'reverse_sort', 'bymonth'
and 'no_special_formatting'.

2. Rebuild collection.

Format Features:

You cannot edit ex.Date. For suppressing the ex.Date in the display, you
need to edit / change the VLsit format (take it from the Format Features -
Affected Component - VList). A sample edited VList is given below:

<td valign="top">[link][dc.Title][/link]</td>
<td valign="top">[highlight]
[dc.Description]<br>Date: [dc.Date]<br>
[/highlight]<!--{If}{[ex.Date],<br><i>([ex.Date])</i>} --></td>

You can specifically use the following lines in your VList for your
purpose we feel. Please try this, however it worked for us:

<br>Date: [dc.Date]<br>

Rebuild colection.


rafram . chaddad wrote:
> good morning,
> i am working on the collection of
> <>
> and i am trying to define the "dates" classifier. every time i push
> "dates" i am also getting the date when i entered the file, instead of
> only the date the file belong to.
> i understood that it's got to do with and that i can't
> change the, is there any way i can fix that?
> note that i am not really good in computers. a "simple" answer is required.
> thanks
> rafram
> p.s.
> i tried to define the in the preferences of the date classifier,
> did "build", but it didn't change the result.
> --
> rafram
> <>
> (my blog in hebrew)
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