[greenstone-devel] New "Workshop Materials" package available

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 23 Apr 2004 11:36:14 +1200
Subject [greenstone-devel] New "Workshop Materials" package available
Hi everyone,

There is a new workshop materials package now available for download
from our sourceforge page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/greenstone)
or via http://www.greenstone.org.

As well as the three-day material for the Suva, Fiji workshop last
November (available in the previous package), the new package contains a
one-day version of the workshop that was given on Wednesday here at
Waikato. Additionally, the package no longer contains the English
Greenstone manuals (these are available for download separately). As we
run more workshops in the future we plan to update this package to
include the most recent set of presentations and labs.

Please feel free to use this material for learning -- or teaching --
Greenstone. (We recommend you use the most recent version of Greenstone
when working through the labs).

All the best,

On behalf of the Greenstone team