[greenstone-devel] help me to install Greenstone software

From Le Ngoc Diep
DateWed, 8 Aug 2007 04:00:31 +0100 (BST)
Subject [greenstone-devel] help me to install Greenstone software
Good morning!
  after download Setup file gsdl-2.74-win32 (46.3MB) from
 http://www.greenstone.org. I install ( use Windows XP) in the process
 the software give a announce:
  Installshield wizard
  Installshield is preparing the installshield wizard, which will guide
 you though the rest of the process
  Please wait...
  Searching for Java(tm) Virtual Machine...Verifying 1.2.2 by IBM
  Installshield wizard
  A suitable JVM could not be found. Please select a JVM by selecting
 its java.exe file
  Please show me how to repair this mistake
  Thank you very much!

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