[greenstone-users] wvware?

From Julian Fox
DateWed Nov 26 20:14:10 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] wvware?
Hi list,
After my recent post on problems with ppt files, I took a wider look and
discovered what I think is a broader issue. It also involves conversion
of .doc files.
I recall a year or two back, with GS 2.73, that when I moved up to 2.74
(upgrading also, at the time, Ubuntu Feisty as the OS), any number of
doc files simply wouldn't convert to html (got lots of lines of ???? no
matter how I organised the wordplugin). The (good) advice I got at the
time was to get myself a new version of wvware (1.4.7 was it? I can't
recall) and adjust the relevant gsconvert.pl file. That seemed to work.
I am now using GS 2.80 and by now Ubuntu 8.04 (Gutsy). And I'm back to
the old problem, first noticed by the fact that powerpoint files don't
convert (most, anyway) and now it seems that doc is following suit. I'm
assuming the ones that have converted are prior to both upgrades a month
back, and its the recent ones that are not converting. So is the
problem the same or similar? I wonder if someone could comment on this
for me. Clearly it doesn't happen with people using a Windows OS or
there would have been many posts on this issue.
If someone in fact does believe that the problem is the way the version
of wvware in GS 2.80 (vis-a-vis Ubuntu Gutsy 8.04) is the problem, I'm
not 100% sure about how to fix it. I took a quick look yesterday to see
if wvware has newer versions, but the impression is it has remained
static over a year or two. I'm also not exactly sure how or what to
adjust inside the gsconvert.pl file if I have to change that - I've
forgotten what I did some time back where I recall someone gave me
precise directions line by line but I can't find them now!
I've come back to thinking it's this problem because no matter what
adjustments I make to the plugins (word or ppt) I have way too many
files that are not converting to html. There seems to be less problem
(or none) with the pdf conversion to html.