Re: [greenstone-users] Windows Build, Linux implementation

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 07 Apr 2005 08:35:40 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Windows Build, Linux implementation
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This should be fine.

The only time copying collections causes trouble is
if the machines are of different "endians" - for example windows on
intel vs osx on powerpc. This can also happen with
different operating systems on the same architecture - eg
windows on intel and freebsd on intel. In this case, the gdbm file will
be in the wrong format (but the rest of the collection will be fine).
You can either copy the archives/ directory of the collection over and
re-build on the unix machine, or use the "db2txt" program that comes with
greenstone to export the collection metadata into a text file, copy that
over, and use "txt2db" on the unix machine to manually re-create the
gdbm file.

Katherine Don

Papadimitropoulos Petros wrote:
> Dear all, sorry to you bother again,
> I am ready to implement a project with old books and manuscripts. The
> collection building process will be done in pc's that run Windows XP.
> Can i run these (windows built) collections on a machine with Linux
> (RedHat) and Apache (by just coping the collect folder?). Are there any
> problems with that kind of transfer? More generally are collections OS
> indepentant?
> Thank you for the info
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