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From Katherine Don
DateWed, 13 Dec 2006 10:51:09 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Collection of JPEG and PDF files
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Hi Adam

Do you want the text in the Word document to be indexed?
What you could try is naming your documents like

i.e. same filename for word doc and image doc.
Then have WordPlug and ImagePlug in the collection. On one of the
plugins use the -associate-ext option - if you add it to WordPlug, set
the value of the option to jpg. If you use the option on IMagePlug, set
the value to doc.
This will mean that one version is processed as a document, the other is
associated with it.
Which way round you do this affects the processing of the files.
(whether you get the word document indexed or not, whether you get the
image processed into thumbnails etc)
You'll also need to play around with format statements.

An alternative is to add the description as metadata, then allow the
user to switch between viewing the image and viewing the description.
A similar thing is done in the tutorial:

and in the collection:

I hope this helps,

Adam Northam wrote:
> I am building a collection that is mainly JPEG files, and 1 PDF file of a
> pamphlet. I was wondering it it is possible to type a description page in
> MS Word for each JPEG in the collection, and associate the word document
> with the JPEG so that when the JPEG image is retrieved, the user also has
> the option of clicking an icon and reading MS Word document description of
> the image. Thank you.
> Adam Northam
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