Re: [greenstone-users] RE:RE: a trouble with pdf files

DateThu, 8 Feb 2007 09:44:20 +1300 (NZDT)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] RE:RE: a trouble with pdf files
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Hello Israel,

> a single string format with name
> 'publicaciones'(I use the spanish language), and advanced search with name
> 'busqueda' in the page about (or about this collection)
> I obtain a text like this:
> Como encontrar informacion ?
> Existen 2 manera(s) de encontrar informacion en esta
> coleccion:_textSearchlong_help:textdefaultlongtext_
> when I need obtain two instruccion like that :
> -buscar por palabras determinadas que aparecen en el texto clicando el
> boton busqueda
> -mostrar documentos por titulo de la publicacion clicando el boton
> publicaciones.
> I' ve been working too with a local library in another machine and I
> have not this problems

Are they running the same Greenstone version?

> Second
> I' ve been trying to get a collection with PDF files with text and
> image(I use GSDL v 2.72)
> but at this time , I can't get it, I' ve installed ghost script and image
> magick, in the web server
> and :
> # rpm -qa |grep -i "ghostscript|imagemagic"
> |sortgallery2-imagemagick-2.1-0.24.svn20060817.fc5ghostscript-8.15.2-1.1ghostscript-devel-8.15.2-1.1ghostscript-fonts-5.50-13.1ImageMagick-
> don't know if I need install another program or plug in to get a
> collection with pdf files with text and image

ImageMagick and ghostscript are what you need.
Probably you used a wrong version of ImageMagick. Try using one from
The command "convert" will tell you whether ImageMagick is installed and
its version