RV: [greenstone-users] Cross-server searching?

From Diego Spano
DateTue, 3 Apr 2007 16:20:42 -0300
Subject RV: [greenstone-users] Cross-server searching?
Hi Georges,

Thanks for your help. I recompile Greenstone for Z3950 support and the
process run ok. I get a new library.exe file and I also had to copy yaz.dll
to cgi-bin folder. I modified Z3950.dcfg file to load test servers.

The question is: it is supposed that If I run Greenstone web library
(http://myserver/gsdl/cgi-bin/library.exe I should see my local collections
and I also see Z3950 collections? Because I only see local collections.

Or there is another Z3950 client (something like Gli) that i should execute?


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De: Georges Braoudakis [mailto:gbraouda@polydoc.net]
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Para: Diego Spano
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Hi Diego,

in Greenstone 2, you can make cross server search by use the Z39.50 protocol
(http://greenstone.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Z3950_support) or the
OAI-PMH protocol

Georges Braoudakis

Diego Spano a écrit :
> Hi list, we know that Greenstone can make cross-collection searches,
> but, is it possible to expand a search among Greenstone servers? I
> mean, run a search to be executed in more than one server and get an
> integrated result list.
> Do someone have any approach about this?
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