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DateTue Jun 7 19:17:16 2011
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Hi Vinod,

I think the issue you've encountered may have to do with the unicode bug
in the List classifier that we recently fixed. To try out the fix and
find out if it indeed solves the issue you're encountering, try the

1. Quit the Greenstone web server and GLI (the Greenstone Librarian
interface) if either are running.

2. Use a file browser to save a backup copy of the following file:
<your Greenstone2.84 installation folder>/perllib/classify/List.pm

(Put this file in some other location, not in your Greenstone folder.)

3. Now that you have safely stored that file, you are ready to replace
it with the latest version of the same (the one containing the bug fix).

Go to

It will prompt you to download the updated List.pm file. Do so and save
this file in the same location as before:
<your Greenstone2.84 installation folder>/perllib/classify/

4. Now restart GLI and *rebuild* your collection.
This will make use of the updated List.pm file.

5. Click Preview in GLI to use your browser to visit your Greenstone

6. Click the "sterm" button at the top once more and see if its listing
is now back to being alphabetical.

If the above didn't work, can you write back?

On that other aspect you were customising, you can set custom display
strings for the search fields "sterm" "tterm" and "eterm" as follows
through GLI:

1. Start up GLI if you hadn't done so already.
2. Open your collection.
3. Go to the Format pane of GLI.
4. Click the "Search" item in the list on the left hand side of the
Format pane.
5. Doing so should open a panel on the right hand side which allows you
to customise the display strings for the search indexes on the Search page.
In the 2nd column (titled "Display text") of this panel, you would type
the strings you want displayed for the associated search indexes that
can be found in the 1st column ("Item in search menu").
For instance, for your index on sterm, you can set the display text to
be "Sanskrit term", while the display string for the field indexing
tterms can be set to "Transliteration term", and so forth.
6. You shouldn't need to rebuild. Just press the Preview Collection
button in GLI and this should suffice to show your updated display strings.


VinodKumar BL wrote:
> Namaste,
> I have created a glossary collection in greenstone 2.83 and in search
> drop down menu, tried to remove the ex. display and installed 2.84 ,
> the problem solved in search in drop down menu
> but in 2.84 Alphabetical display is not coming again , please help
> Regards
> Vinod
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