Re: [greenstone-devel] Greenstone Help text

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 20 Apr 2004 11:21:23 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Greenstone Help text
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Hi Greg

There is an entry in the Greenstone FAQ about adding new classifier
buttons - this includes the help texts. Please look at

Note that all the different macros must be put into the correct place in
each file so you need to look for others of the same kind to see where
to put them.

Hope this helps,
Katherine Don

Gregory S. Williamson wrote:
> Dear peoples,
> I have several metadata tags that I use and they all build proper indexes and retrieve the proper icon image for the respective indexes.
> I have:
> indexes document:text document:Title document:Source document:Subject document:Author document:Period
> ...
> plugin HTMLPlug -metadata_fields Subject,Title,Author,Period
> ...
> classify AZList -metadata Title
> classify AZList -metadata Source
> classify AZCompactList -metadata Subject -mingroup 1
> classify AZCompactList -metadata Author -mingroup 1 -buttonname "Contributors"
> classify AZCompactList -metadata Period -mingroup 1
> ...
> collectionmeta .document:text "text"
> collectionmeta .document:Title "titles"
> collectionmeta .document:Source "filenames"
> collectionmeta .document:Subject "subjects"
> collectionmeta .document:Period "time periods"
> ...
> Title, Source (original source file name) and Subject all have corresponding texts in the "Help" page that are sensible. The help text that is generated for "Author" and "Period" references unknown a lot.
> I have looked at the macro that genereates the help texts and I am baffled ... is there a section of the documentaion I have missed ? Or other pointers/ideas ?
> Thanks !
> Greg Williamson
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