Re: [greenstone-devel] greenstone configuration to accept pdf tiff mp3files

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 21 Mar 2005 10:05:43 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] greenstone configuration to accept pdf tiff mp3files
Hi Marios

Are you using the Librarian Interface to build your collection?If not, I
recommend that you do.

> I am new in greenstone and I try to build my collection (in windows
> environment greenstone 2.52 version) which comport pdf, tiff and mp3 files
> 1)I want to import PDF document to my collection without extract data for
> those files just like a image. I use Dublin core to enter my metadata.
> So I use pdftohtml program in
> package folder of Greenstone for the pdf files, imageplug for the tiff files
> and for the mp3 files I don't know which plugins. Can you guide me to use
> the correct plugins with the correct parameters to compile it.
PDf files: if you want greenstone to convert them to html and index all
the text, use PDFPlug. If you just want them treated like a binary file,
with no extraction done, use 'UnknownPlug -process_exp .pdf$
Note you will need to run the Librarian Interface in Library Systems
Specialist or Expert mode to do this. (in GLI, File->Preferences->Mode).

TIFF files: ImagePlug

MP3 files: MP3Plug

For all plugins, there are many options. If you select a plugin in your
plugins list, and click "configure plugin", then you get a list of
options. moving the mouse pointer over the option names displays a
tooltip describing each option.

> 2) for the metadata I use Dublin core and I put the metadata in greek
> language. The records appears well, but I cant find my records
what do you mean? have you entered the metadata in the Librarian
Interface? or have you created a metadata.xml file? Can you see the
metadata in the Librarian Interface? Can you see the metadata in the
Greenstone collection? What do you mean by "I can't find my records"?

Katherine Don