Re: [greenstone-devel] next version of greenstone3?

From Katherine Don
DateWed, 16 Feb 2005 09:42:33 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] next version of greenstone3?
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Hi Cornelius

Hmm, next version of Greenstone 3? Not sure. There is a lot I'd like to
tidy up for the next release. It could be between 2 and 6 months away.

Because making releases is not a very high priority, I recommend using
Greenstone3 from CVS - this way you can keep up to date with the latest

If you are just interested in developing a new client, and don't really
care about collection building, you could use the Greenstone3
architecture with Greenstone 2 collections. Greenstone 3 collection
building is still under development, but Greenstone 3 can happily serve
Greenstone 2 collections.

There is information in the Greenstone 3 manual about importing
Greenstone 2 collections.

Re the corba interface for Greenstone2:
You can get the sample java interface from cvs:

cvs -d
co java-client

There is some documentation somewhere about the corba stuff, but I am
not sure where. For more info about this, please feel free to email
George Buchanan (

I hope this is useful
Katherine Don

Cornelius Hagen wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested in writing a client to Greenstone in the next future.
> Because of its flexible architecture and because it is "the future" I'd
> prefer Greenstone 3.
> Therefore I'd like to ask when you intend to publish the next version of the
> software with more complete documentation (e.g. about collection building
> architecture, supported plugins,...).
> Alternatively I'd be interested in documentation of the corba interface of
> Greenstone2 and the source of a sample client (like the graphical query
> interface mentioned in the developer's guide), if possible.
> Thanks in advance
> Cornelius Hagen
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