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From Marcin Malik
DateFri, 27 Apr 2007 08:22:16 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Own Home page instead of About Page
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Hi Richard
Thank you for your answer, now everything works perfect. To be honest after two days without answer I thought that my post was so lame that nobody bothers to answer. I'm not specialist in computer science, just a librarian like probably most of us, and we are first institution in Poland that try to implement Greenstone so there is nobody to ask.  There is a lot of misunderstandings or false informations about Greenstone in Poland for instance regarding polish diactric marks in Greenstone so libraries don't use Greenstone. I hope that our project will change a little the attitude to Greenstone in Poland.
Best Regards
Marcin Malik
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Subject: Re: [greenstone-users] Own Home page instead of About Page

Hi Marcin,

Marcin Malik wrote:
My name is Marcin Malik, I’m reference librarian from University of Podlasie library in Siedlce, Poland. We are new to Greenstone, and we try to create our own Greeenstone collection. All goes well but we don’t like About Page. We changed the About page to our own Home page without using or as home pages. But we want that Home button on browse pages to redirect  to our own home page. Is any way to change the links to do it because Home button still redirects to About Page instead to newly created our own Home Page.
The macro that displays the home link in default greenstone collections is


in <greenstone install dir>macros

You can override this macro in your collections macros directory by:

Creating a <greenstone install dir>collect<your collection directory> file for your collection if it doesnt already exist.

Then by looking at the we can see that HOME is in the Global macro package, so you need to add something like

package Global


To your file to link to your home page. 

Good luck,

Richard Managh
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