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From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 13 Mar 2007 17:23:50 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Limiting browse results...
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Hi Graeme,

I haven't actually tried this, but it seems that you could achieve what you want by adding an "{If}" statement into the classifier's HList format statement that checks for "Y-Z" and outputs a "<br>" (break) tag after finding it.

Worth a try, depending on how important this is to you.



graeme wrote:
Thanks for that, it looks a lot better now! Just one more questions,
is there a way to split it between scripts?

Part of the Vertical row looks like this ... Wei-Wi Wil-X Y-آ ٱ-ا ال-ب بخ-پ
What would be nice was if it went... Wei-Wi Wil-X Y-Z and then on a
new line آ-ٱ ٱ-ا ال-ب بخ-پ

This is especially the case becasue Y is written left to right and آ
is written right to left and so it appears on the extreme right of the
line, whilst the Y is positioned part of the way across the line.

May thanks,


On 3/2/07, Qiu <> wrote:
Hi Graeme

To limit the number of documents for the characters in GenericList, you
can choose "constant_size" in "partition_type_within_level", meanwhile
give a limited document number in "partition_size_within_level".


graeme wrote:

> I have set up a number of browse classifiers. For example I have a
> browse by author option. This is set up using the GenericList. This
> gives me a character list along the top and then when I select one of
> the characters I will get a bookshelf of all the texts that fall
> within that character. So for example I might select 'A' and then I
> will get all the texts with an author whose name starts with the
> letter A. This works well but it returns the entire list which is
> several hundred, this is alright on the local network but when we move
> to the Internet I foresee problems with the response time. Is there a
> way to limit the number of results that are returned (just like the
> search results returned)?
> Or failing that would it be possible to have a second level of results
> looking at the second character of the word so when A is selected it
> is broken down into another grouping like: AA, AB, AC ....etc
> graeme
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