[greenstone-users] generating the metadata.xml file

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DateFri, 16 Sep 2005 11:46:10 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] generating the metadata.xml file
Hi all,

First of all thanks for a great product! Greenstone has made production of a demo image collection an absolute breeze.

Question 1: Where can I post the documentation that I've created during the build of a image collection (which might be useful for someone else)? Can I send it to someone or just post it in the user or dev forum?

Question 2:
Background ??-
I've created metadata for each image using the GLI (Image collection with searches based on the description metadata ?- description refers to actual content description and not the image description like size, width ....). During this process I realized that a metadata.xml file is created in GSDLHOME/collect/collectionname/import/ directory containing all the content metadata that I've entered (I used Dublin Core metadata set). There is another xml file that is created for each image (document) called doc.xml that resides in the GSDLHOME/collect/collectionname/archives/HASHimagefilename.dir. This file contains all the metadata relating to image size, width, filename and so forth (I call it image metadata).

I was able to copy more images into the import directory and then change the metadata.xml file to include some more data. In other words I did not have to use the GLI. I've done this for only about 15 images. Well, this feels a bit redundant since I actually have a tab delimitted text file with all the metadata for the 254 images that should be in the collection.

My question is ?? Is there a way that I can incorporate/extract this tab delimmited text file into the collection environment so that the metadata.xml file is auto generated/created? (By means of a script or by changing the build.pl script).

This will obviously be much less time consuming than to enter it manually via GLI or use a editor to change the metadata.xml.

Environment ??-
GSDL version - Greenstone 2.56
OS - Fedora Core 3
Webserver - Apache 2.0

I thank you in advance for a reply

Best Regards
Alwyn Nolte
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