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From Katherine Don
DateTue, 06 Mar 2007 11:24:25 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Building a collection
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Hi Blair

As Graeme said in a previous email, you can use UnknownPlug to add files for which there are no plugins. This adds the file into the collection but does no processing on it. You can add metadata to the file using the Enrich panel, then this can be searched if you build an index on it (Design panel).
For your case, I'd have some metadata that specified which project a file belonged to. Then you can search on this to find all the files for that project.

For more info about using UnknownPlug, see

and tutorial

The most important thing is to set up the process_ext option for UnknownPlug.


Stevenson, Blair A (GE Infra, Energy) wrote:
    I am trying to build a library in which I want to archive some projects I've developed using an engineering program.  When I gather files to add to the library, a warning appears that states that there is not a plugin associated with that type of file.  I acknowledge the warning and proceed to Create and build the collection.  When I preview the collection I see that the files that didn't have an associated plugin were not added to the collection.  I understand the metadata couldn't be extracted because there isn't a plugin available for those files.  But can I add the files to the collection so that I could download them from the collection at a future time?
    Maybe I should elaborate on what it is that I am trying to do.  I am trying to archive projects that have been developed using various engineering software.  We have many projects, and want to be able to archive them for future reference.  I also want to be able to search the projects in the archive, and then download all of the files in the project I need to work on.  I understand that if there isn't a plugin for a certain type of file, the metadata cannot be extracted.  In my case, I do not need to be able to search every file in every project, but maybe only 1 file in each project.  But I still want all the files in the project available for download.  For example, I have 3 projects in my collection, Project A, Project B, Project C.  Each project contains 10 files.  Of those 10 files, only 3 have plugins associated with the file type.  One of those 3 is a word document .doc which does have a plugin, and which I can search for.  This word document would describe the project.  In turn, I could search the collection, using key words describing the project (contained in the .doc file), find the project and then download all 10 files of the project. 
    Is this possible?, to include files that do not have an associated plugin in a collection?
Blair Stevenson

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