[greenstone-users] Installing Greenstone on Vista

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DateTue Oct 21 10:16:25 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Installing Greenstone on Vista
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Hi Mary

My laptop is Vista home edition has had Java 1.5.0_15 installed. I
installed and ran Greenstone 2 on it without any problem.

Did you observe any other messages besides "would not run in graphical mode"?

One thing must be sure, when you install or run Greenstone2 on Vista, you
have to be Administrator, otherwise Vista will not allow.


> I am having problems installing Greenstone on my laptop. The OS is Vista
> and I did find in the archived e-mails that Vista requires a different
> version of Java. I followed that link and installed Java properly. When
> I
> tried to install Greenstone, I got a message that the installer would not
> run in graphical mode. Any help would be appreciated.
> Mary Herbert
> mherbert05@alltel.net
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