[greenstone-users] JPEG2000 Support?

From Katherine Don
DateWed Oct 8 09:24:14 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] JPEG2000 Support?
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Hi Greg

David added basic JPEG2000 support a while back to his version of
Greenstone simply by recompiling ImageMagick with this option switched
on (possibly had to get an extra library compiled up, and "teach" the
configure script where to find it).

We have recently done some work with ImageMagick, bundling it in to the
release, so it may be not too much additional effort to get jpeg2000
support added in. I think someone will have a look at this.

Is this the kind of support you were meaning?


glawson wrote:
> Is there any thought of adding jpeg2000 support to Greenstone? Maybe I
> should ask on greenstone-devel? I'm not necessarily sure I think
> another proprietary format is a desirable thing, but I see some
> applications do support it.
> http://www.jpeg.org/jpeg2000/
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