[greenstone-users] Digital Image Collections And CoolIris

From glawson
DateTue Oct 28 12:08:41 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Digital Image Collections And CoolIris
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I'm a bit confused by what I read are possible conflicts with the
Cooliris EULA and it's license terms. The following are some of my thoughts.

Greenstone is written to be cross platform, running on both Linux and
Microsoft operating systems. It is licensed under the Open Source GNU
General Public License. Part of the GPL states:

"The licenses for most software and other practical works are designed
to take away your freedom to share and change the works. By contrast,
the GNU General Public License is intended to guarantee your freedom to
share and change all versions of a program--to make sure it remains free
software for all its users. " http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

The Cooliris add-on is apparently limited to Microsoft's operating
systems and Apple's Safari; and will not work on the various *nix
platforms running Firefox, Konqueror, Opera, et al. I don't know for
sure, but I suspect it will not work with Google's Chrome, at least on
Linux. There is a brief statement on the Cooliris web site that suggests
possible Linux support "eventually", and requests support and
understanding. http://www.cooliris.com/support/?p=commonquestions

My greatest source of confusion though, is with several terms of
Cooliris's End User License Agreement (EULA):

1. Licensed Uses and Restrictions.

By accepting the terms of this Agreement, you represent to Cooliris Inc.
... that you are at least 18 years old.

>>>Comment: Age discrimination clause legal and enforceable if
integrated into Greenstone?

2. The Cooliris Software applications, documentation, and local computer
files installed or utilized by the installer application ... are owned
by Cooliris...

>>>Comment: "files...utilized by the installer..are owned by Cooliris?
Even those not part of the Cooliris application?

I'm not an attorney, but if I were a developer (and I certainly am not
trying to suggest what they do) I'd be concerned about the following
Cooliris EULA terms, at least considering whether to integrate it into
Greenstone itself:


(i) Decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, modify, rent, lease, loan,
distribute, or create derivative works (as defined by the U.S. Copyright
Act) or improvements (as defined by U.S. patent law) based upon the
Cooliris Software or any portion thereof;"

I admit that I am quite confused by the apparent conflict between the
EULA terms above and the Cooliris license terms (LGPL), which is a valid
Open Source license.

It's my guess that, given the Cooliris EULA, any attempt to actually
integrate it into Greenstone would be a violation of the GPL? If it were
truly an independent plug-in/add-on, perhaps it would be OK? I'm not
sure of the technicalities of that. Obviously I don't understand what I
see as conflicts between the EULA and the LGPL license terms; perhaps
someone could enlighten me.

I guess I just have some concerns about possibly moving Greenstone is a
direction away from being truly cross-platform. My sincere apologies if
I have misunderstood or inadvertently misrepresented any of the above,
nor is it my intention to cause offense to anyone.

Greg Lawson


Allison Zhang wrote:
> Hi, Greenstone friends,
> I want to bring your attention again to CoolIris. (See below. The
> original message was sent by Gavin Spomer about a month ago.)
> CoolIris is a free browser add-on which presents a fantastic way to
> view images. After you used CoolIris to view images, you will not want
> to view images in the old ways. I think it completely changed the way
> we used to view digital images. It would be great if Greenstone could
> support CoolIris in following ways:
> 1. provide a script to generate the rss file required by CoolIris.
> Gavin has started on this.
> 2. incorporate CoolIris as an image viewer with Greenstone. This is
> just a thought and I don?t know how difficult it is to do so. It would
> be perfect if CoolIris is a server side plug not client plug.
> Currently, requiring to download the CoolIris plugin scared many
> people away even though it is so easy to download and install.
> Anyway, if you have not tried CoolIris, try it at the site that Gavin
> listed below. We are working on some of our photograph collections to
> enable CoolIris as well.
> Allison
> Allison B Zhang
> Manager, Digital Collections Production Center
> Washington Research Library Consortium
> 901 Commerce Drive
> Upper Marlboro, Maryland, 20774
> Telphone: 301-390-2049
> Fax: 301-390-2020
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> *Subject:* [greenstone-users] Digital Image Collections And CoolIris
> Hello folks,
> A while back I discovered a nifty web browser plugin called CoolIris
> (named Piclens back then) which allows you view images at certain
> sites in a unique and fantastic way. The other day I revisited the
> CoolIris site (/http://www.cooliris.com)/ <http://www.cooliris.com%29>
> as I have a new computer and wanted to install the plugin into all my
> browsers. I followed a link labled "Enable your website" and found
> that it was easy as including a .rss feed file and a <link> tage in a
> page's header to enable it. Sweet!
> I then wrote a perl script that crawled/read the Greenstone collect
> directory tree on our digital archives server and constructed .rss
> files for each collection. I then added the appropriate link tag to
> GSDL Error macro in style.dm and now all our collections are CoolIris
> enabled! :) If you wish to check it out, go to the CoolIris site,
> download/install the plugin and view our collections at:
> /http://digital.lib.cwu.edu/
> There are CoolIris plugins for Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and
> Flock. The download link should detect your browser and let you know
> if CoolIris will install in it. I found that there isn't a version for
> Opera. There's also searches within CoolIris for Google Images,
> Flickr, YouTube (yes, it does video too) and others. There's a few
> other features too. Fun to play with!
> If there are enough people interested in doing this with their
> Greenstone image collections, I may carve out some time to make my
> perl script more user-friendly and universal as I wrote it specific to
> our installation. You're free to use my perl code and edit it yourself
> if you like, just email me.
> Gavin Spomer
> Systems Programmer
> Brooks Library
> Central Washington University
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