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DateTue Oct 14 09:42:29 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Moving Search Button
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Hi Dwight

You can do it by modifying the home.dm home. There is a file named
"nzdlhome.dm" under the GSDLHOME/macros folder, which is a customized
home.dm, gives an example of how to make a customized home page of

Search for "_nzdlcollection_ {library?a=p&p=about&c=_1_}" (it means the
about page will be displayed if click the name of collection) from the
file, replace "{library?a=p&p=about&c=_1_}" with
"{library?a=d&cl=CL1&c=_1_}, the page will be redirected to the first
classifier of the collection.

Or you can simply add a link, such as <a
into home.dm.


> Hello,
> Does anybody know of a way of changing Greenstone so that when you enter a
> collection the first page displayed is not the Search page?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Dwight
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