[greenstone-users] Librarian interface in 2.71

From Dominique Babini
DateTue, 17 Oct 2006 10:52:33 -0300
Subject [greenstone-users] Librarian interface in 2.71
Dear Katherine,
Congratulations for the 2.71 version of Greenstone.   The librarian interface is more friendly, has good resolution for metadata input and is excellent for migrating our ISIS databases to Greenstone.
As our 175 collections with 7.500 texts are mainly journals and collaborative books, we need to use the librarian interface in a way that
1) each journal article is processed  individually, but within the journal number so that the user can see the journal cover and index (see as example the result we show to the users, solved with the Greenstone
2) each collaborative book chapter is processed individually, but within the book, so that the user can see the book cover and index.  See as example the result we show to the users, solved with the Greenstone
3)  each time we introduce  new texts in our 175 collections, Greenstone needs to run all the collection where the document was added, and this takes too much time.     With the Linux commands this is not needed because it adds the new text but does not run the complete collection for indexing
These advantages of working with the Linux commands, can we have them in the librarian interface?
Because our users, that request more than 800.000 texts monthly from our virtual library,  appreciate accesing the text unit within context (collaborative book, journal, etc.), do you think the librarian interface could provide this service as the LInux command does?
Thank you,

Dra. Dominique Babini
Red de Bibliotecas Virtuales de Ciencias Sociales
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