[greenstone-users] Limiting browse results...

From graeme
DateThu, 1 Mar 2007 13:02:28 +0430
Subject [greenstone-users] Limiting browse results...
I have set up a number of browse classifiers. For example I have a browse by author option. This is set up using the GenericList. This gives me a character list along the top and then when I select one of the characters I will get a bookshelf of all the texts that fall within that character. So for example I might select 'A' and then I will get all the texts with an author whose name starts with the letter A. This works well but it returns the entire list which is several hundred, this is alright on the local network but when we move to the Internet I foresee problems with the response time. Is there a way to limit the number of results that are returned (just like the search results returned)?

Or failing that would it be possible to have a second level of results looking at the second character of the word so when A is selected it is broken down into another grouping like: AA, AB, AC ....etc