[greenstone-users] Adding new users in greenstone DL

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateWed Mar 10 13:51:36 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Adding new users in greenstone DL
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On the Add A New User page of the Greenstone Administration pages, you
need to add the new user to a group. Try typing one of
"<enter-the-collection-name>-collection-editor" or
"all-collections-editor" in the Group field. And ensure that the Account
Status field is set to "enabled".

Before letting the user test it remotely, test this locally:
1. Create a new user yourself for testing purposes. Set their group
status to one of the groups above, try "all-collections-editor" for example.

2. Leave the Greenstone Admin pages and return again, choosing the
"Change Password" option instead of "Add a New User". When it asks the
user's username and password, try entering the new user's username and
password. See if that works.

3. If it works, the next step is to use the client-GLI installed in the
same Greenstone as your Greenstone server to connect. So run client-gli
from your Greenstone server installation and try to connect to the same
server. Enter the new username and password and see whether your test
user has the right to create new collections and edit those.

4. If that worked, then go into a new machine, install GLI on there and
run client-gli to connect to the Greenstone server on your first
machine. Once again try logging in using the test user's username and
password and see whether that user's collection can be edited and
whether they can create new ones.

Does any of the above not work? If so, could you tell us at which step
things fail for you?


ravi bhushan wrote:
> Sir,
> I want to add new user in Greenstone DL so that he/she can add
> collection remotely with his/her own username and password. I am adding
> users from "Administration page" link on the of Greenstone home page .It
> is giving no error on adding but, when i am listing users, that user is
> not present and also, that user is not able to add a collection remotely
> with his username and password. How can i proceed further.Give a
> solution for this.
> Thanks.
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