[greenstone-users] z3950 support

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 04 Oct 2005 10:55:56 +1300
Subject [greenstone-users] z3950 support

I meant to send out an email detailing how to enable z3950 support for
the new 2.61 release, and I forgot... so here it is.

Greenstone needs to be installed with the source code. If you haven't
already got the source, rerun the installer, select custom, and then
choose only the source code.

There are two parts: client and server.

Linux/MacOS: need to compile the source with z3950 enabled.
in gsdl directory

./configure --enable-z3950
For Mac, may need to add --with-gdbm=<path to gdbm>
make install

Greenstone is set up to not use iconv (for character set conversion) and
xml2 (for SRW and SRU). If you want to use these features, you need to
add -lxml2 and/or -liconv to the link command in src/recpt
(z3950server). Also, edit packages/configure and remove the
--with-xml2=no and/or --with-iconv=no bits from the yaz configure line.

needs visual studio 6
And only works with the web library, not the local library
in gsdl directory
nmake /f win32.mak USE_Z3950=1 (if you are using web version)

To use the z3950 client, edit the gsdl/etc/packages/z3950.cfg file.
Uncomment one of the entries there to enable a connection, or add your own.

Need to copy the gsdlsite.cfg file from cgi-bin to bin/linux (or
bin/darwin, bin/windows).
Then run the server program from that directory. (Or copy the cfg file
to wherever you run the server from).

To run the server,
need to 'source setup.bash' or run 'setup.bat' in gsdl directory

by default it runs on localhost:9999
To change the address/port, run
z3950server tcp:server-name:port-num
eg tcp:localhost:8080

on windows, the yaz.dll file (packages/yaz/yaz-2.1.4/bin/yaz.dll) needs
to be on your path, or put in the same directory as the z3950server.exe.

Please let us know of any problems you have with this.

Katherine Don