[greenstone-users] couldnt read build.cfg for collection test

From Shawn Romine
DateWed, 9 Nov 2005 16:47:43 -0800
Subject [greenstone-users] couldnt read build.cfg for collection test
I am getting closer to getting this up and running on a Windows 2003
Server IIS thanks to all of your help....

I have the GLI applet installed and running, the issue now is when I
click on new and try and start a new collection, I get an error that
pops up about the collection could not be created...

A little different now is when I go into the etc folder and look at
error.txt I see "warning:could read build.cfg for collection "test",
gsdlhome:"d:Program FilesGreenstone"

I see that it is creating a folder called test in the collection folder
but there is no build.cfg file within that folder, like there is for the
demo collection....

Any ideas where to look next?

Shawn Romine

Instructional Technology Specialist

Mendocino College




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