Re: [greenstone-devel] [greenstone-users] Is browse actionsupported?

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 11 Jul 2005 09:44:29 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] [greenstone-users] Is browse actionsupported?
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Hi Erik

Try modifying contracted_contents method in browsetools.cpp.
There are two main output bits:
if there are some parents, output_parents
if there are children, output_section_group.

You could try outputting the parents again after doing the children bit.

You will need to make sure that any objects that are used in
output_parents are not modified - eg, at the moment, metadata is
cleared. so make copies of all the bits you will need for the second call.
Also, output_parents will do the HList and also the parents in the
VList. It iterates through response.docInfo to get all the parents - if
you clear all of these except the first one before calling
output_parents then it should only do the HList. Also, you should make
sure that you are in a classifier, and the top parent is an HList before
calling output_parents for the second time.

I hope this is enough to get you going - let me know if it works. If you
think it is useful, perhaps we could add it in as an option.


Erik Hetzner wrote:
> Dear Michael,
> Many thanks for your response. I was a bit confused because I had been
> doing some searching through the receptionist code & had traced back
> stuff that I wanted to modify to browsetools.cpp; this, however, seems
> to be different from browseaction.cpp. I became interested in looking at
> browseaction, however, since it seemed like it might be helpful.
> However, if it is not supported than I don't think I'll go into it.
> Since I couldn't find any info about it I figured it was probably not used.
> Perhaps you could give me an idea as to the feasibility of something I'm
> trying to do, however. (I'll cc this to greenstone-devel ast well) The
> people I'm putting together a digital library for wanted to have the
> hlistbrower on the bottom of the page in a classification as well as the
> top. I managed to get hlistbrowserclass::output_section_group to create
> a macro with the data rather than output it to the page. However this
> now only works at the bottom of the page, as the macro is defined too
> late to be displayed at the top. Is this a useful line of attack or do
> you think that I will get stuck doing this sort of thing? Following the
> function calls that output classifiers is a bit difficult. I hope this
> makes some amount of sense. Please excuse my ignorance of C++; I do my
> best but I don't claim to have any real understanding of it.
> Best,
> Erik Hetzner
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