[greenstone-users] inconv_open fail, and Gtk problem

From Julian Fox
DateThu Sep 25 07:35:50 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] inconv_open fail, and Gtk problem
Hi list,
Struck two problems of late that I haven't had before in three years,
and given that I've both updated GS (2.80) recently and also the Ubuntu
Server (to 8.4) the answer may lie in something that's gone amiss or is
just missing during the updates.

Problem no. 1: Spanish collection, rather large (though not sure if the
language has anything to do with this). Gets to 15% of processing then
gives me an error message, repeated ad infinitum:
Diagnostic: (text.c.867) iconv_open fail:22, cannot convert CP1252 to
Unicode. Trouble is I can't work out which file that seems to apply to
- I thought I had it nailed, deleted the supposedly offending file,
tried again, then got the error message again but I don't know which
file it refers to.

Problem no. 2 is an error message I noticed in the Shell when I had to
close GS down because it had frozen after Problem no. 1 above: (may not
be connected with the above, not sure): Gtk warning Attempting to add a
widget with type Gtkbutton to a GtkCOmBoxEntry.....

I really doubt the two issues are connected, but can anyone throw light
on either? I suspect Problem no. 1 is the more serious since I can't
complete the processing of that collection.