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From Katherine Don
DateFri, 02 Jul 2004 13:05:16 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: [greenstone-devel] (no subject)
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This message can happen when you are trying to create an index on
something that has no text. For example, if I build the demo collection
using just the ec* folders, with the default collect.cfg file, it works
fine. But if I add in a document:dls.Keyword index, then I get the
"error in ivf.pass1" message, because these three documents have no
dls.Keyword metadata.

So check the indexes you are building and make sure that there is some
text in all of them. If you are building several indexes, then an error
in one index shouldn't affect the building of the other indexes.

I hope this helps,
Katherine Don

Jia Liu wrote:
> Hi,
> I use greenstone version 2.5.1 under the linux system. I created a new
> collection based on the greenstone demo. When I put the folders ec158e, ec159e,
> ec160e into the new collection, and built it. I got the error messege "
> ivf.pass1 : Error during done of "ivf.pass1", and could not build the index at
> all. But when I put other folders instead of ec*, they worked fine. I am
> wondering what's the difference betweent the folder ec158e and
> b18mie. I did such a test because I met the same problem when I tried to build
> my own collection. I put 2 folders with one metadata.xml in each folder, but
> when I finished building, I just can see one document( which is contained in one
> folder), and had the same error messege like " ivf.pass1 : Error during done of
> "ivf.pass1". Is there any one can help me to solve this problem? I would like
> to know to fix the problem when I see the error messges of ivf.passs. Thank you
> very much.
> Best,
> Jia Liu
> Emory Univeristy
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