[greenstone-users] Can I keep my zipped files zipped

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateWed Mar 24 13:30:21 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Can I keep my zipped files zipped
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Hi Phil,

> Is there a way that the zip plugin can allow it to remain zipped.

There may be others ways to accomplish it as well, but the following is
the one way I can think of to work around the issue:

You can put the files you want *unzipped* into a separate subfolder in
the right-hand side of the Gather panel. Then, you can Configure the
ZipPlugin in the Configure panel to apply only to this subfolder, as
explained below. By doing so, the top-level zip files will not be unzipped.

For instance, if you called the folder "unzipped", then set the
process_exp field in the ZipPlugin configuration dialog to the regular
expression: 'unzipped.*.zip'.

This tells the Zip plugin to only process (unzip) files whose filepaths
have the pattern: "unzipped<followed by any set of characters>.zip"

Please see the section "Using process_exp to control document processing
(advanced)" of the tutorial


Phil Manning wrote:
> I would like to keep a zipped file in the zip format instead of having
> it unzipped by Greenstone when it is processed. Is there a way that the
> zip plugin can allow it to remain zipped. For example if I have 5
> resources that are zipped into a single file, Greenstone by default
> unzips them to the original 5 resources and all will have the same
> metadata (dc.title, dc.description?)as given to the original zipped
> file. I would like to keep them a single zipped resource instead of
> exploding them into the 5 individual resources.
> Any ideas?
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