[greenstone-users] the GLI cannot display Chinese correctly?

From Katherine Don
DateMon Nov 24 10:25:37 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] the GLI cannot display Chinese correctly?
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You need to change the font in the preferences window (the field
underneath the language one).
I am not sure what the best font for Chinese is, but the following works
for me:
Arial Unicode MS, BOLD, 14


Buyun QU wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have just installed Greenstone 2 (version 2.81rc) under Windows
> system correctly, but when I clicked "Greenstone Librarian Interface
> (GLI)" within the Startup menu, I cannot get what I want. The
> interface cannot display Chinese correctly (as enclosed in
> "Interface.jpg"), even if I set the default language as
> Chinese-Simplified (as enclosed in "language.jpg"). I am so frustrated
> and does anyone can tell me why and how?
> BTW, my operation system is Windows Server 2003, Chinese-Simplified.
> Looking forward to your assistance, thank you!
> --