Re: [greenstone-users] adding users in batches (or bulk)

From Stefan Boddie
DateTue, 9 Oct 2007 20:56:08 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] adding users in batches (or bulk)
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Hi Amos,

How are things in beautiful Bulawayo?


To batch-edit your users.db file you can do something like the

Use a command like the following to convert your users.db into a text
file (you'll need to source setup.bash first).

db2txt users.db > users.txt

Then edit the users.txt file to add entries for all the new users.
The text file format is very simple and should be quite self-

Next, run a command like the following to convert the edited text
file into a new users.db database.

txt2db users.db < users.txt

Good luck.

Stefan Boddie
DL Consulting Ltd.

On 4/10/2007, at 1:55 AM, Amos Kujenga wrote:

> Hi All,
> I would like to add users in batches (or bulk) to Greenstone
> collections instead of adding them one by one from the Greenstone
> admin page. Simply put, I need some way or tool to edit or create
> the users.db file.
> Could somebody help, please?
> Amos Kujenga
> NUST Library
> Bulawayo
> Zimbabwe
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