Re: Translation online

From Katherine Don
DateWed, 09 Apr 2003 10:13:36 +1200
Subject Re: Translation online

The language translation interface is currently being improved, and is
nearly ready. I have been working on fixing it today, and it should be
completed soon (in the next day). I will e-mail the list when it is
ready to be used.

Regarding your queries, I will look at adding more instructions, but I
think the existing ones are pretty good. I'm sure that you are doing
everything right, it is just that the translator isn't working 100%. And

yes, once it is finished you will be able to translate the macros in
several sessions - you don't have to do it all at once.

Hold off translating until you hear from me again.

- Michael

Cao Minh Kiem wrote:

> Dear list members
> I wamt to use online translation facility to create a Vietnamese
> I have some trouble with it.
> As I do not have time to translate 72 pages at one time I have to
> translation work in several times.
> But each time I start, the old already translated messages were
> Would you please give some advice how to solve the problem?
> - Can you give us some more instruction on how to use the translation
> utitlities?
> - Can we stranslate the messege in several session (not at one time)?
> Best regards
> Cao Minh Kiem
> Deputy Director
> National Center for Scientific and Technological
> Information and Documentation
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