[greenstone-users] preparation. . .

From Earl J. Moniz
DateSat, 05 May 2007 00:30:45 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] preparation. . .
Hello everyone,
I'm new to Greenstone. I plan on implementing the program on our
office server which is not connected to the Internet.
Two immediate issues come to mind:
First, does Greenstone have any utility/function for assisting with
the elimination of duplicate images as the collection is being built?
It appears that I might have to weed the collection before building
the Greenstone library. . . not such an inviting proposition. . . <grin>
Second, once the collection is built and the design is complete, how
do I get computers on the network to find the library once they open
their browsers? I imagine that must be configured on each machine, correct?
* * *
It is an exciting solution, and I'm anxious to get it started. . . I
would like to organize it all before jumping in. . . just not looking
forward to culling our collection of the last fives years an image at
a time. . .
* * *
Thanks for any assistance anyone might provide. . .

Until that time. . . Earl J.

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