Re: [greenstone-users] preparation. . .

From Earl J. Moniz
DateSun, 06 May 2007 21:01:14 -0400
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] preparation. . .
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Hello qq,
thanks for the information. . . I was afraid that function is absent. . . all the documentation appears to indicate a person needs to organize the items to be included in the collection into neat little categories. . . <sigh> that'll slow down the final implementation. . . it'll sure clean up our server, though. . .  <grin> I'll also have to crack the whip on the staff to get moving <it's just me>. . . it's a growing organism anyhow; it's not like it'll ever get finished. . .
* * *
I understood that the nature of the program is to initiate in the server mode. . . I guess I misunderstood... <not unusual>
I'll check out the documentation when I get a little closer to the final implementation stage.
I'll need to get a few folders ready, put a few items in there, and build a library to get the feel for it all. . .
*then* we'll be ready to go online. . . as well as learning as much Perl and XML as I'll need to get it all working smoothly. . .
Boy, if I had known becoming a librarian would entail so much work, I would have trained to be a doctor. . .   <grin>
* * *
Thanks again. . .  until that time. . . aloha y'all. . .  Earl J.

At 06:32 PM 5/6/2007, you wrote:
> Two immediate issues come to mind:
> First, does Greenstone have any utility/function for assisting with
> the elimination of duplicate images as the collection is being built?
> It appears that I might have to weed the collection before building
> the Greenstone library. . . not such an inviting proposition. . . <grin>

Greenstone doesn't have a functionality for identifying duplicate images
in the collection.

> Second, once the collection is built and the design is complete, how
> do I get computers on the network to find the library once they open
> their browsers? I imagine that must be configured on each machine,
> correct?

For the Greenstone 2, you need to have a webserver installed, a web setup
instruction can be found under the GSDL root named "library.txt".