[greenstone-users] Greenstone 2.73 search indexes

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DateSat Feb 2 09:29:08 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone 2.73 search indexes
Hi Robert

> Hi all,
> I have set up a collection in Greenstone 2.73 running on CentOS 5 with
> the
> gli-client2.73 and have set up the search indexes to be able to search by
> title, description and subject. The only thing I can get to show on the
> client, however, is the title. I am not able to search by any other
> criteria.

If the index hasn't been rebuilt from the client side, it will remain the
same with on the server side. Except for checking at the index built on
the collection from GLI, the other way is to open the
GSDLHOME/collect/yourcollection/etc/collect.cfg file with an editor, and
look at a line starting with "indexes".

Also, I have entered data along with some pictures in my
> collection and I would like to have the title shown and a little about the
> picture, beside the picture before you click on it. The only thing that
> shows right now is the name of the picture file. Can someone please help
> me
> figure out a way to get this to display correctly and be able to search by
> other criteria? All help is greatly appreciated.

I guessed you wanted to display other metadata value beside the title. If
I guessed right, the format statement of the collection needs to be
modified. It can be done from the format panel of GLI.

For example, displaying a thumbnail image linking to the original image in
front of the title will look like:
<td>[link]<img src='/gsdl/collect/image-e/index/assoc/[assocfilepath]
/[Image]' width=[ThumbWidth] height=[ThumbHeight]>
[/link]</td><td valign=middle><i>[Title]</i></td>

A better way to learn how to customize the user interface is from tutorial
exercises http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Tutorial_exercises.

> Thanks in advance,
> Robert
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