[greenstone-users] Re: Questions about searching function with using the CGI URL

From feng wang
DateFri Jun 27 03:37:36 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Questions about searching function with using the CGI URL
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Hi Quan,
thanks for your mail! Very useful! I have changed the collectionconfig,xml with my wish. It works.
for my 6 question i have tried to check out the version of Java, JRE_HOME an Java_Home like you wrote to me. But it didn't work for the binary install file of GSDL3. So i tried to install the GSDL 3 from the source package with the ant fresh_install.
Here is the error message with ant:
build.xml:125:Unexpected element "condition"

In the Line 125: <condition property="app.version" value="trunk">

I think, the ant install searched the java environment too. But i don't know why it didn't work by me.
I found the problem for a long time. But just got the right solution for myself, please help me!
regards and thanks

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> Betreff: Re: Questions about searching function with using the CGI URL

> Hi Feng
> Answer of question 1:
> In Greenstone3, all actions on the collections,like browsing,searching,
> have been done by the message router and the arguments are passed through
> the URL. And both request and response are internally assembled in an XML
> format, which can be investigated by adding a "&o=xml" at the end of the
> URL address on the browser.
> To investigate the passing arguments, you can either look at the URL
> arguments or both request and response in XML format on the browser.
> question2:
> This problem can be solved by modifying the format statement of search.
> Open the collectionConfig.xml file in a text editor and look for a search
> tag. The format statement of search is near at "</search>". Then add the
> lines below to the place you want.
> <td valign="top">
> <gsf:metadata name="srclink"/>
> <gsf:choose-metadata>
> <gsf:metadata name="thumbicon"/>
> <gsf:metadata name="srcicon"/>
> </gsf:choose-metadata>
> <gsf:metadata name="/srclink"/>
> </td>
> Make sure that the collectionConfig.xml is always well formed.
> Question 3
> You can modify the collectionConfig.xml of the collection to display
> dc.title instead of ex.titile. It will look like:
> <gsf:metadata name="dc.Title"/>
> Question 4
> All metadata of the Doc can be displayed as long as you adding the
> metadata needed into the format statement of collectionConfig.xml.
> Please see the sample of the answer of question 3.
> Question 5
> If the collection argument is empty(c=), it will do a cross collections
> search.
> Question 6
> Try to export JRE_HOME or JAVA_HOME first, and check the java path using
> "echo $JRE_HOME" or "echo $JAVA_HOME" before installing Greenstone3,
> because the installer has to be run in a java environment.
> Regards
> Quan
> > Hi,
> >
> > We want to write a application which can access and manage the
> collection
> > in the GSDL. We know,that man can use the CGI+URL to implement the
> search
> > function in any way. And with the Java+Perl makes the functionality of
> > managing the collection possible. We have some questions about the
> > function like searching and getting the document in the GSDL Collection.
> >
> > 1.Man can find a description about the generic CGI arguments in the
> > manual.pdf(page 53). But it appears still some CGI arguments in the URL
> > Query, which i didn't know what its means. I think i must at first make
> a
> > full map about all CGI in the GSDL Qu

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