[greenstone-devel] Re: About running the demo-client application

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateTue Jun 17 10:56:55 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] Re: About running the demo-client application
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I am glad the GS3 installation worked! Excellent.

Thanks for the detailed document with the screen captures, I looked
through it just now. I will need to try it out again by downloading the
latest version from SVN to see if I introduced some bug.

I will test it out and consider what might have gone wrong. But in the
meanwhile here are some alternatives off the top of my head to attempt:

1. Make sure GS3 is running (ant start, check browser library url),
which it looks like it was according to your document. Check that the
web services are still deployed by going to the services page. Can you
also click on the wsdl URL for QBRSOAPServiceslocalsite and make sure
that the page loads?

2. Are you running the democlient application on the same machine as the
one where you installed GS3? If they happen to be on separate machines,
then the hostname can no longer be "localhost", since when running the
democlient app, localhost refers to the computer where it is running on.

If your GS3 is in fact running on a different machine on the network
from where the democlient is run, type the name of the computer with GS3
in place of "localhost":

See 3 below for how to find out what your computer's name is.

3. Maybe it might work if you try type the actual name of your computer
in case of "localhost" for other reasons as well.

To find out the name of your computer (the hostname) to use in place of
"localhost" in the wsdl url, follow the instructions at
Up to and including step 1d.

4. The input dialog is not long enough to display the entire wsdl URL
for the QBRSOAPServices. But if you shift the cursor along the edit box,
the initial dialog actually contains:

It does in fact require the "http" prefix. (I also made the mistake of
setting it to 9090 by default, because mine is on 9090. I better correct
that soon.)

Even though you correctly adjusted the url to your port of 8080 and on
the second attempt changed the wsdl into including the http, I don't
know whether the exception the first time might have somehow caused it
to continue failing even the second time. Though I doubt this would be
the case, will you still try the following:
- Look in the top level folder of your gs3-democlient installation. Is
there a file called "gs3democlient.properties"? If so, change the value
for wsdlURL to your wsdl:
- If you do not have that file, create a simple text file with the name
"gs3democlient.properties" in your top-level democlient folder (i.e. in
the same folder as the gs3democlient.bat file). Make sure that the text
file does not have a .txt file extension, else the file won't be read.
In this file, add the line
(make sure that your line contains the correct url for your situation).
- Try starting up the democlient application now. Does it work a bit better?


Suthanya Doung-In wrote:
> Dear Anupama,
> I do following the steps as your suggestion from the previous
> email. Many thanks again. Finally, I can install ant and start ant
> successful:-).
> After that, i download and install demo-client application
> including running gs3demockient.bat. However, when the page of
> application start, I choose greenstone in combo box and enter the wsdl
> file of the QBRSOAPServer web services into dialog box. It has error. I
> think I do correctly but I wonder about this error. Tomcat still
> running. So i can?t use search and browse services. Now I did not try
> on Fedora and I will try tonight and see about the result and let you know.
> I sent the file that I capture the screens (step by step) about run
> the demo-client application . Please find the attached file.
> Many thanks in advance.
> Best Wishes,
> Suthanya Doung-in