Re: [greenstone-users] User Queries: Loading collection on CD

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 17 Nov 2006 10:55:07 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] User Queries: Loading collection on CD
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Hi Ed,

Glad to hear you've ended up with collections you're happy with!
Regarding the issues you've found:

- Loading into program directory rather than default Greenstone directory

I assume that this is the "Exported collection" installer, not the one
for installing the Greenstone software. The "Exported collection"
installer is old and crappy, and may even have problems installing to
paths containing spaces. I'd be interested to see if you can replicate
the problem consistently.

- Firewall problems

The Greenstone Local Library server program has four address resolution
methods under "File -> Settings". Try using "Always use localhost" or
"Always use" to see if this avoids the firewall warning.

- Next/previous document buttons

I think you're talking about the "less.gif" and "more.gif" icons in
Greenstone's "images" directory. Personally, I think these icons are
awful, and couldn't agree more with the comment you had! Your options
are to either replace these images with better icons, or change the
to next section and to previous section macros in to use text instead of images.

All the best,


E Robinson wrote:

> I have now completed the first version of my collection and circulated
> to a few users. One of them commented:
> "I have loaded the Greenstone program and viewed a few documents.
> My initial comments are:
> * My first attempt to load it into my program directory rather
> than the default greenstone directory failed with the program
> hanging my PC by refusing to be shut down.
> * The first time I used the product my firewall □ zone alarm □
> asked for permission to access an IP address □□ which I
> refused, causing the program to stop with a page not found
> error. I gave permission on the second time and all was well. "
> And a different comment about the html version of a document that had
> been converted using 'windows scripting' and as a result of Word
> styles was split into sections: 'I looked at one document which has
> two symbols for up and down which are very similar especially for the
> visually challenged.'
> I will be sending a CD with the collection to about 150 people, and it
> will have with it a letter explaining what it is and how to load it
> onto their computer. I would appreciate assistance with what to say.
> This user was using a PC with Windows XP Pro - I would expect most
> will be using Windows with at least XP. Is there something they need
> to do if they wish to load to a different directory than the default
> setup directory (which I think is C:Program FilesGreenstone)?
> I don't think there is any way around a leap of faith that the
> Greenstone programmes are safe to load and don't carry trojans or
> viruses. Does anyone have suitable wording to cover the Firewall
> situation? (This user uses Zonealarm).
> I may change the source documents to remove the formatting, but where
> would I find the two 'back and forwards' or 'up and down' symbols If I
> wanted to change them?
> I am delighted to get the collections working. The first has 740
> source Word format documents, with over 2.2million words, and takes
> about 4 hours to build with 5 indexes. The second has metadata only
> with about 1600 entries so far (I'm starting to collect information
> from about 15 other organisations, so I expect it to grow to about
> 30,000 entries eventually), and is much faster at present. Those who
> have seen it confirm that Greenstone is significantly better than just
> a CD containing the files! Thanks to Michael, Katherine and others for
> answering my and others questions on the list to get me this far.
> Regards
> Ed Robinson
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