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From Greenstone Team
DateWed Jun 1 17:40:53 2011
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At last! Good news, I'm so glad it worked.

> Is there something to be done to prevent this confusion for new users?

I've added instructions to: in_Firefox_.28or_another_web_browser.29
which is linked off the Greenstone FAQ page at

I thought I wouldn't mention it on the Release Notes page itself, as the
problem seems peculiar to Ubuntu and not all installations thereof
either (I didn't detect the problem here). Mentioning it might confuse
users, so I've simply added a troubleshooting section to the 2.84
release notes that links back to the FAQ which covers the problem and
its solution.


John Rose wrote:
> On 30/05/2011 08:47, Greenstone Team wrote:
>> Hello again,
>> > Please note that my Ubuntu is installed in French - could this have
>> any effect?
>> Definitely something we need to consider.
>> I talked to Dr Bainbridge about your situation and he came up with
>> something else to try.
>> 1. In an x-term, type:
>> > which firefox
>> It should print out the full path to your firefox executable
>> Copy that path.
> It says /usr/bin/firefox
>> (e.g. in my case, running "which firefox" prints out "/usr/bin/firefox")
>> 2. Open up GLI and remove the firefox "%1" command.
>> In its place, paste in the path you copied in step 1 into the preview
>> command field, followed by %1.
>> (e.g. in my case, my preview command would now contain:
>> usr/bin/firefox %1)
>> You will want try your *own* full path to firefox followed by %1.
> It works!
>> 3. Now close GLI and restart it again. Try out the Preview Button on
>> your collection. Did it work now?
> Works again, thanks. Is there something to be done to prevent this
> confusion for new users? Best regards, John
>> 4. If that didn't work, then you could try putting %1 in quotes and
>> re-try steps 2 and 3 again, even though the quotes shouldn't be
>> necessary in your situation.
> No not necessary
>> Regards,
>> Anupama