Re: [greenstone-users] Firefox, server.exe and autorun

From Michael Dewsnip
DateThu, 23 Jun 2005 10:54:47 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Firefox, server.exe and autorun
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Hi Jonathan,

(I'm not actually at work this week or next but I think I'm the only one
who has worked on this recently.)

>I would like to include Firefix on my CD. But the greenstone server
>application does not use it unless the user specify the path of Firefox in the
>server.exe software settings (which is too complex for the average user).
>Would it be possible to use windows standard bowser by default or to add
>Firefox in the settings' interface?
>From Greenstone 2.60 the Local Library has the ability to work with the
default browser. This should be an option under File -> Settings. For
Greenstone 2.60 it is initially set to IE; from the next release
"Default browser" will be selected by default.

You can make it use the "Default browser" by setting browser=3 in the
gsdlsite.cfg file.

>By the way, I was planning to make the CD with an autorun starting the
>server.exe (without any installer) with the following gsdlsite.cfg content:
>I did take out the gsdlhome, gdbmhome and browserexe lines. It seams to work.
>Any advise about doiing this? Is there any special risk associated with this
Making a "no installation" CD-ROM has been done in the past
successfully. Here is a posting by Jeremy Mears describing how he got it
to work:

>Michael : Thanks for your help with greenstone operators. My navigation bar
>works perfectly now!