[greenstone-users] Building a Greenstone collection in METS/MODS

From Elissa Ernst
DateFri Jun 10 23:50:27 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Building a Greenstone collection in METS/MODS
Hello all,

I am fairly new to Greenstone, and for a project I need to build a
collection with Greenstone that will generate METS and MODS metadata. The
reason for this is that it needs to be interpreted by an external viewer
that requires those standards. (Germany's DFG Viewer, if anyone happens to
be already familiar with it: http://dfg-viewer.de/en/) I have looked into
the Chopin project but in that case he is trying to get Greenstone to ingest
METS/MODS and I am trying to see if Greenstone can output those formats when
a collection is built.

We have tried using the Greenstone METS but it seems to have a different set
of elements than regular METS, and it doesn't work with the viewer. As I
understand it, I may need to create METS and MODS metadata sets with the
editor. Has anyone already done this and perhaps they are available to
download from somewhere? On a related note, can anyone explain what the
Subelements are in GEMS or provide a basic example?

We have also tried using an XSLT transformation but that is a slow process
that requires working through each item in the collection, which would be
unreasonable for a larger collection. Rather we would like to generate the
correct metadata for all the items at once right in the build phase.

Is this even possible just using the graphical interface? I'm not a
programmer and shy away from Perl and CLI. :)

Thanks so much for any advice you can offer. I am enjoying playing around
with Greenstone and making collections, but I seem to have ended up at a
level of complexity beyond my current knowledge!

Best regards,

Elissa Ernst
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