Re: [greenstone-users] Q: Adding -collectdir to gli.bat

From Michael Dewsnip
DateMon, 01 Nov 2004 12:12:27 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Q: Adding -collectdir to gli.bat
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Hi Gord,

The GLI doesn't have this option at present ( and do), but
it would obviously be useful. I've added it to our "to do" list, and hopefully it
will make it into the next release.

If you know a bit of Java you could add this option yourself. You'll need to add
code for parsing the option in, and modify getCollectDir() in
util/ to use the value you've specified. However, I imagine there
will be other things you'll need to change to run the GLI in a network
environment. The GLI writes other files to the local drive -- you'll need to fix
these up too, and you'll have to worry about where the "modelcol" directory is,
etc. etc. We need to tidy all this up, and it will probably be a bit of work.

Another option is to install the GLI applet on a server and have people run it
over the network. Collection files will be stored on the network drive in this



Gord Nickerson wrote:

> We installed Greenstone on a windows 2003 server (local library install).
> However the default is to have their collections on the local workstation C:
> drive which is no good in a network environment.
> I see there is a -collectdir option that could be added to gli.bat so they can
> save collection to their U: drive, has anyone modified gli.bat to use a mapped
> drive? And if so, can you send me their changes so i can see how it works?
> thanks
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