Re: [greenstone-users] joint indexes with mgpp

From jens wille
DateFri, 07 May 2004 13:23:07 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] joint indexes with mgpp
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Katherine Don wrote:
> Hi
> if you make indexes for all your fields and include an 'allfields'
> index, you get individual field searching as well as searching over all
> the fields together. (Note these are all provided in a single physical
> index)
> The standard Greenstone configurations don't allow you to create a
> single index over multiple fields without giving you the fielded search
> options.
well, but that's exactly what i need.

> If you really need something different from what is provided it
> shouldn't be too difficult to modify the perl building code to provide it.
i hope so - at least i can try it, but unfortunately i don't know
very much perl (i like to prefer python ;-)

thanks for your hint

jens wille