Re: [greenstone-users] joint indexes with mgpp

From jens wille
DateTue, 11 May 2004 07:08:49 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] joint indexes with mgpp
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hi katherine

Katherine Don wrote:
> Hi jens
>>> even though they are specified separately, in the mgppbuilder
>>> class they get joined together into one index specification
>>> like text,Title,Creator ( 143-146)
>> i already figured this out, but i was wondering if there is a
>> special reason to it. does the extra functionality mgpp
>> provides arise from the fact that it uses just one physical
>> index? i hope not ;-)
> Yes. The field searching functionality arises from the fact that
> everything is in one physical index. We don't allow by default
> more than one physical index for mgpp.
> For what you want to do, you don't need to have separate physical
> indexes. The mgpp user guide
> ( if you can't find
> it in your greenstone download) talks a little about the mgpp
> document format.
> The format is like <Document> <Section> <Tag>text content</Tag>
> other non field content </Section> </Document>
> You just need to modify the output form the perl into mgpp so
> that several fields get combined into one tag. currently each
> metadata gets its own tag when its passed to mgpp - you need to
> put all the contents of the metadata you want to be indexed
> together into a single tag.
> For example, if you have 4 metadata elements, A1, A2, T1, T2 and
> you want individual searching over each, and combined searching
> over the Ts and over the As, then what you want to pass to mgpp
> is something like the following
> <T1>my first title</T1> <T2>my second title</T2> <TAll>my first
> title my second title</TAll> <A1>author 1</A1> <A2>author 2</A2>
> <AAll>author 1 author 2</AAll>
> Then in your index list you will get T1, T2, TAll, A1, A2, AAll
> most of this is done for you by the perl code, you just need to
> modify it so that you can outout more than one metadata value
> inside a single tag name.
> I hope this is understandable :-)
so do i :-) but unfortunately, i have to skip it till later...

thank you very much, this may help a lot.