Re: [greenstone-users] Can who provide gdbm1.8 for gsdl under windowplatform?

From John R. McPherson
DateWed, 19 May 2004 11:42:08 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Can who provide gdbm1.8 for gsdl under windowplatform?
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Michael Dewsnip wrote:
> Hi,
> You can get the latest version of GDBM for Windows from
> However, I don't think this will allow you to have more than 2GB of data
> in a database (see
> for
> a brief description of this limitation).

> sinaipic wrote:
>>Gdbm1.7 with gsdl2.41 can't operate data more than 2G, and might
>>gdbm1.8 do that? wangyu.

You should be able to get large file support if you compile greenstone
and dependencies from source with the correct options.

Both gdbm 1.7 and gdbm 1.8 use the type "off_t" for file offsets, and
this type is defined by your standard library headers.

"Modern" linux distributions should default to using 64 bits for file
offsets. (eg distributions released in the last year or 2). Older
distributions will default to using the signed 32-bit offsets, which
limits you to about 2 gigabytes.

If your compiler/distributions don't compile with LARGEFILE support by
default, you can turn on the option by adding "-DUSE_LARGEFILE64" to
your compiler's options. 64 bit file offsets let you address around 18
exabytes of data.

(It is also automatically defined if the source files have XOPEN_SOURCE
macro defined to 500 or more, or if GNU_SOURCE is defined on a gnu/linux

John McPherson