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Lighting fittings are devices serving the distribution, filtering and transformation of light emitted by lamps. They included all parts necessary for fitting, protecting and operating the lamps.

According to the effect of light it is distinguished between two main groups:

- Lighting fittings for illumination purposes
- Lighting fittings for light emission.

Within these groups, the actual subdivision is made according to the respective purposes of use. If one tried to designate all lighting fittings by these very few names, this would soon lead to difficulties of distinction. Therefore, further subdividing of lighting fittings is made, for instance by the mode of their installation or placing.

Table 23. Classification of the lighting fittings according to the ways of fixing

Stationary fittings

Built-in fittings

Ceiling fittings

Pendant lamps

Cord-adjusted suspended fittings

Wall fittings

Mounting fittings

Standing fittings

Fittings put on top of a holding structure

Fittings fixed by brace at a holding structure

Mobile fittings

Floor standard lamps

Standard lamps

All lighting fittings used for illumination purposes have to meet definite requirements as to lighting engineering, design, electrotechnical and mechanical qualities. These requirements have more or less importance according to the purpose the respective lamp shall fulfill. With domestic rooms and rooms for representation, for example, demands will be made mainly on the design of a lighting fitting. Shall the lighting fittings contribute to the interior decoration of a room, this is to say they shall be included in the architecture, demands of illumination engineering should rank first. With working lighting fittings, technical requirements are decisive and the design is subordinated to them. The term of working lighting fittings is not standardized, neither nationally nor internationally. However, it is used in this textbook for better distinction from domestic lighting fittings and those for representation purposes.