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Instruction example 10.3. Dog vice for sheet metal

To practise cutting-off chiselling after drilling out


- Angle steel (380 MPa)

(equal angle or unequal angle)
25 x 25 x 4
Length: not less than 680


Hand tools

Steel scriber, double-point punch (5.2.), engineers' hammer, drill of 5 mm dia., flat chisel, bastard file 200 mm (flat)

Measuring and testing tools

Steel rule, protractor


Vice, steel plate or anvil, round material 20 dia., protective wall or protective grating, soluble oil, machine vice

Required previous knowledge

Reading of drawings, scribing, prick-punching, measuring, drilling, filing

Sequence of operations


1. Arrange workplace, prepare working material

- Check for completeness

2. Scribing of the bevels at the ends of the angle steel in an angle of 45°

- Stage (1)
Set check punch marks

3. Scribing of the centre of the angle steel and of the section as per drawing on the outside

- Stage (2)
Set check punch marks

4. Scribing of the line to be drilled out (bore line) 3 mm away from the scribed line and punching with double-point punch

- The dimensions on the drawing apply when a 5.2 mm double-point punch is used

5. Drilling out with drill of 5 mm dia.

- Attention!
Drill must not run off centre!

6. Chiselling along the drilled out line and breaking out of the section

7. Checking of the parted edges

Finishing: Filing of the parted edges, bending of the eye over the round material of 20 dia. according to given data Stage (3)

Dog vice for sheet metal