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25.4. Maintenance and treatment of watertanks

The most important thing to do is clean out the strainer of fallen leaves and other rubbish regularly. Before installing new corrugated watertanks, you can paint the inside with a special silver paint or bitumen based paint, suitable for watertanks, roofs and gutters. When buying paint ask for this paint only. Do not use any other paint because your health may be affected by the chemicals of any other paint.

Tanks should be cleaned inside from time to time. For this, disconnect the tank from the watersupply system and the gutter. Drain the water out and brush it thoroughly with a hard brush and wash out with a water hose.

Where rust spots occur, let the tank dry out completely and repaint it. Let the paint dry for at least one week to make sure the water is not spoiled by the paint.

Join the tank again to gutter and watersupply system.