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INTRODUCTION: This topic teaches students how to chose the right size of watertanks, how foundations for watertanks are made, how to make a ferrocement watertank and how to maintain and treat water-tanks.


25.1. To know the different sizes of water-tanks, to choose the proper size of the tank and the proper type of foundation for it.

25.2. To know how to make a correct foundation for a watertank on roofs, stumps or concrete.

25.3. To be able to describe the procedure for making a ferrocement watertank.

25.4. To know how to treat and maintain water-tanks properly.

METHOD: Making ferrocement tanks is difficult for the unexperienced.

To provide students with the necessary knowledge to make such tanks it is certainly not enough to have lessons in class only.

Therefore it is worthwhile to take the time to make a ferrocement tank as a school project.

NOTE: At the end of this lesson prepare at least two worksheets for students to complete as homework.

They are collected and corrected and assessed later.

In rural areas, where watersupply systems are not possible, watertanks are installed to provide clean water insuring good health life and to store water in dry seasons.