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close this bookNailing and Screwing - Course: Making of Wood Joints. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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View the documentInstruction Example 01.1. Nailing of a Lath Grid
View the documentInstruction Example 01.2. Nailing of a Halved Frame Corner Joint
View the documentInstruction Example 01.3. Nailing of a Tool Kit
View the documentInstruction Example 01.4. Nailing of a Wall Panel
View the documentInstruction Example 01.5. Screwing of a Carrying Handle on a Tool Kit
View the documentInstruction Example 01.6. Screwing on of a Screw-on Brace

Preliminary Remarks

The present documentation contains six selected instruction examples which serve to apply and consolidate the knowledge and skills of nailing and screwing techniques.

The basic idea of this technique is the making of wood joints, as well as the fastening of mountings on wood by means of nails or screws.

Each of the six selected instruction examples offers different possibilities to make wood joints or fasten mountings by means of nails or screws for holding or securing the parts to be joined.

The following criteria are to be considered:

- kind and extent of load the joint is exposed to
- durability
- optical-esthetical appearance
- risk of injury.

The kinds of joints offered in the instruction examples can be practised on other workpieces as well depending on the requirements of the trainee's working range and/or factory.

This could be for example:

- fastening of floor boarding, rear walls of furniture
- assembly of picket fences, batten doors and plank doors, transport boxes
- mounting on furniture and structural wood members, makeshift furniture.

To facilitate the preparation and implementation of the works, the materials, tools, measuring, testing and auxiliary means required for each instruction example are stated.

The work routine mentioned for the individual instruction examples contains the sequence of operations which are necessary for making the nail and/or screw joint.

A work drawing is attached to each example which shows the type and arrangement of the nails or screws as well as the shapes and/or dimensions of the workpiece.